16 de febrer 2018


by Peter Kosmus, Boštjan Noě and Karolina Vrtaěnik together with the 66 most important names in the field of beekeeping from 32 countries.
The authors wrote this book to present bees and their great importance for the environment and people in an accessible way. Bees provide us with excellent bee products (honey, beeswax, pollen, royal jelly ... ), but their essential role is to pollinate plants, which supplies us with one third of our food. Besides being vital for food production, pollination also preserves plant diversity and thus influences ecosys­tems that give us oxygen, fuel, clean water, air, regulate the weather, the climate ... In addition to that, bees are a part of our lives in many other ways. 

The book covers various topics, such as the history of bees, bee products, the impor­tance of continuous education of beekeepers, the importance of bees and reasons for their endangerment in certain parts of the world. It describes various types of beekeeping around the world, but also apitherapy and apitourism that have de­veloped especially in the recent period. The book also describes the significance of bees in religion and how bees can serve as an example of an exemplary life centred around values. It also contains a text on how beekeeping can help disabled people. 

The purpose of the book is to raise awareness about the dependence of people on bees and nature. Thus, the book speaks to every individual, community or company and shows them how they can contribute to better conditions for the survival of bees. 

The book is intended for a wide readership, including those who do not know much about bees, and those who do and would like to learn more. 

Basic information about the book and its authors, and feedback are available at https://beebooks.si