02 de desembre 2017


A quite excellent and very readable account of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and ‘worth’ of bee book collection.

Geoff Lawes has written a book based on a lifetime of collecting bee book of great value to bibliophiles. He describes clearly the necessary approaches to a collection, the value of editions and condition. A manual for bee book collectors explaining all one would wish to know as one moves from one book to a library of books on the subject. the author discusses books as an investment, book collecting know-how, restoration and how values are determined.


  • The scope and purpose of the collecting impulse Famous public collections
  • The range of bee books
  • Bibliography
  • Books as an investment
  • Book-collecting 'know how’
  • Restoration of books and repair
  • How book values are determined
  • Acquisition and dealing
  • Care of books
  • The story of bee-writing
  • Books published overseas
  • Books translated into English
  • Bee Books as literature
  • Recent 20th century bee books
  • Ephemera
  • Acknowledgements and Parting Words
Nothern Bee Books