16 de setembre 2017



When field bees are sent out to collect pollen they carry the pollen they collect in their pollen baskets on their knees. As the field bees fly from flower to flower collecting pollen they often wind up rubbing off traces of pollen onto neighboring flowers and this results in pollination of the flower or plant. Some plants would never pollinate if it wasn’t for the Honey Bee which is why it is so important that the Honey Bee remain a healthy species because without them the ecosystem would suffer a great impact. Studies show that nearly ¼ of the pollination required for fruit produced in the United States is accomplished by the Honey Bee so it is not only plant life that is reliant upon pollination by the Honey Bee but it is also the human diet! Once a bee has filled its pollen baskets they will return to their hive where they will remove the pollen from its legs and put it into a section of the bee hive where it serves as a food source for the bees within the hive.

Photo: pollinatorweek.ksdot.org

Text: https://www.earthsfriends.com/the-honey-bee/