19 de juliol 2016


David Cramp BSc has been a bee keeper for twenty years. He spent a year at the Bee Research Unit at the University of Wales (Cardiff) where he gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Apiculture. He then kept bees in various remote parts of Spain, specialising in organic honey production, before moving to New Zealand in 2004 to manage a four-thousand hive pollination and manuka honey beekeeping operation. He has written extensively for the UK, US and Spanish bee press, as well as editing the on-line beekeeping magazine Apis UK. David is also the author of the bestselling and comprehensive A Practical Manual of Beekeeping.

This title includes:
• A troubleshooting guide to problems with colonies and queen bees
• A guide to the field diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases
• Seasonal apiary management checklists
• Hive product harvesting checklists
• The beekeeper’s ready reckoner

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