04 de juliol 2016



Beehives require management and good stewardship, which both take time and knowledge. That said, we like to say: bees are more work than a goldfish, but less work than a dog. 
You will need to open your hives and inspect them regularly during the warm months, as well as make sure your bees are thriving, have good honey stores, and enough room to expand their population as needed.
During the winter, bees rarely need to be interacted with, as the colony clusters and eats through its honey stores, only emerging when the temperature is above freezing to eliminate.

During the rest of the year hives require management and the type and how much will depend on the climate you are keeping them in, and your hive style, as well as your bees themselves. For instance, in the warmer, southern states of the U.S., the busy, foraging season for bees will be much longer than in the northern states. You will want to familiarize yourself with what beekeeping looks like in your part of the country or world, what a season in beekeeping requires, and local laws.

And yes, you will get stung. An example: at some point a bee might end up in the fold of your clothes, go unnoticed, and be unable to get out. These things happen. Generally honeybees are not aggressive, as once they sting, they die (and no creature wants to rush that).