16 de juliol 2016



Bee Cell is the practical action center where total bee keeping solution is provided. It works under the management and supervision of Bee Values company that is supported by the bee experts and bee enthusiasts from various countries and registered and operating in Dubai.
The first Bee Cell is named as Bee Garden 
It is expected to be in Dubai where 200 nationalities live in unity.
Bee Cell is formed and operated by local entrepreneurs.
It is established on an agricultural land not less than 10 acres with water, road and electricity facilities for easy access from city.
We have 14 Bee Cell operations planned in India in the coming 5 years.
More Bee Cells will be developed in other countries with total guidance from Bee Values. We already have valuable inquiries from countries like Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco etc.
To know more on Bee Cell and its operation, please contact us:
Vazhakodan Govindan [vg@globalbeevillage.com] or Christian Vicente [cv@globalbeevillage.com]