28 de juny 2016



The magazine carries correspondents from all corners of the world:

Australia  Geoff Manning
Canada David Dawson
Croatia Gordon Lovric
Cyprus Roger White
Czech Republic Dr Vita Vydra
England Nigel Payne
France Job Pichon
Italy Alison Parnell & Ilaria Baldi
Ireland Philip McCabe
Lithuania Rimantas Zujus
Nepal Tajeen Pun
The Netherlands Ko Zoet
Poland Maciej Winiarski
Portugal Antonio Pouseiro
Scotland M. Thornley & E. McArthur
Serbia Predrag Cvetkovik
Russia Vitaliy Petrovsky
Ukraine Dr Alexander Komissar
USA Ann Harman

The current issue June 2016 (No. 124), 160 pages packed with news, articles, letters and book reviews:

– Wiring Boards, Canada
– Wax Sterilisation, Ireland
– Anarchistic Bees, Switzerland
– The International Stingless Bee Centre, Ghana
– The Wax Moth, USA
– Transmission of Viruses between Honey Bees, IBRA
– Hygienic Queens, LASI
– The Thermosolar Hive & Varroa Control
– Dark Bee Conference, SICCAM
– Gregarines: Pest, Parasite or Pathogen in Honey Bees
– Overwintering Bees & The Bilberry
– Scotland's Legendary Heather Moors
– Coffee Beans and Bees - a Symbiotic Relationship
– Ivy (Hedera helix) & Beekeeping in Cornwall
– Fifty Years of Learning, Frank Moss, France
– The Slovenian Hive, John Phipps
– The Great War & the British Bee Journal, 1916
– The Flow Hive, John Phipps
– Varroa Control, William Hesbach
– Exhibits for a Honey Show, David Shannon
– Heather Honey, Francis Sitwell
– Defra rejects NFU Application to use Neonicotinoids on OSR
– US Colony Losses
– Wild Fowers & Pesticides

This magazine is truly the most thoroughly researched and international quarterly beekeeping magazine available.