28 de maig 2016



Following the Wild Bees. The Craft and Science of Bee Hunting by Thomas D. Seeley.

We've heard a lot about the decline of honey bees, but not so much about honey bees living in the wild. That is until now. Dr. Thomas D. Seeley, Horace White professor of Biology at Cornell University and a leader in the field of honey bee biology, has written a new book Following the Wild Bees: The Craft and Science of Bee Hunting. This  text focuses on techniques for locating unmanaged honey bee colonies nesting in natural and urban areas.

Table of Contents
• The Bee Box and Other Tools
• Bee-Hunting Season
• Establishing a Beeline
• Timing Bees to Estimate Distance to Home
• Making Moves Down the Beeline
• Finding the Bee Tree
• On Not "Taking Up" the Bee Tree
• Notes
• References
• Illustration Credits
• Index

"Following the Wild Bees is scientific natural history at its very best: original,
au­thentic, and exciting. It is at the same time science, science history, adventure, sport, and treasure hunting." 
Edward 0. Wilson, Harvard University.

"Great adventure, true science, lost art. Bee hunting is older even than beekeep­ing, yet has never been described in such careful detail. Seeley draws from his whole life of honey bee study to simply and eloquently describe the bee hunter's craft, and the honey bee's foraging behaviour. He fully shares the skills you'll need-capturing, baiting, releasing, marking, timing, and moving a company of bees-to pursue the fascinating outdoor sport of finding the secret homes of wild honey bee colonies."  Kim Flotsam, editor of Bee Culture magazine.