11 de maig 2016



For thousands of years honey has been valued for its sweet taste, its apothecary use, for sore throats, as an antibiotic, as an anti aging elixir and for use in magical and religious rituals. It is also a symbol of love, hence "honey-moon."   Unspoiled honey was found in King Tut’s tomb and has been commonly used for embalming. It is believed that Ancient Egyptians were the first beekeepers and honey was precious in a sugar free world. There are dozens of references to honey in the Old and New Testament; perhaps most recognized is Exodus, where it is written that  G-d shall free the enslaved Hebrews toiling for their Eygyptian masters and lead them to a land of milk and honey.  Royal Jelly- the food created by the drones for the Queen Bee, has been used in cosmetics for over a century and in addition to giving off a honeyed perfume, it is purported to be a magic elixir for anti-aging, increasing libido and combating depression