22 de setembre 2015



Bees for Development believes that apiculture is a feasible way to help people to work their way out of poverty, while at the same time maintaining natural biodiversity. Issues facing our world include poverty, climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water shortages, pollution and urban sprawl. While beekeeping cannot cure all of these it offers a feasible and wholly environmentally beneficial activity that helps fight against these problems. Apiculture gives some of the world's poorest people the opportunity to harvest commodities of international quality and value.

The beekeeping sector is fast evolving, and it is the most vulnerable people that have least access to the information they need.  Bees for Development's philosophy is to provide reliable information to beekeepers in developing countries, to help them to support their livelihoods.  Our approach is to advise  beekeepers to use local bees wherever possible, and to build on local techniques to find the methods that work best with the resources available.